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Consulting Service

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We offer professional consulting services to assist your business in completing short, medium, or long term projects.

We can assist your company with:

Website Design

Be sure that your company website is responsive and accessible on all platforms.


Are you a distributor of products? We can help design and configure e-commerce platforms to assist your business in secure online sales.

Software Development

Do you have an idea for a software product but don't know where to start? Did your previous contractor abandon a software project? We can help with all of your software development needs to produce a solution that meets your business requirements.

Information Technology

We can assist in almost all areas of information technology to help your business.


You have a product but need to find an audience for it. We can assist in advertising to the right audience.

Technical Sales

You need to sell your product or market your company to potential customers. Our team can assist your organization with technical sales, presentations, and even trade shows.


Your company may need to update electrical schematics and we can help with this task.

Quality Assurance

You have a product but are not certain if it meets your business requirements. We can assist in the quality assurance process to be certain that all design requirements are met to keep your customers satisfied.

Industrial Network Design

Building a new factory or moving to a different location? We can assist your company in designing secure and reliable industrial communication networks.

Industrial Network Maintenance

Is your factory automation network experiencing problems? Do you need to resolve the issues to keep production running? We can help with all industrial network maintenance tasks.

PLC Programming

Updating the automation process at your factory? Do you need assistance with PLC programming tasks? Our team is ready to help.

HMI Design

Updating your factory HMI to accommodate a new process or improve the user experience? We make sure that every user interface designed is easy to use and displays what is most important.

Security Testing

Not all networks or software products are secure by design. Our team can identify security vulnerabilities before problems are exploited by malicious parties.


You may may need to take measurements and record data as part of preventative maintenance tasks. Our team can help with gathering, recording, interpreting, and storing important data.


We can provide your company with training related to information technology.


Your warehouse, factory, or machine shop needs to be kept in order. Our team can help with sorting tasks to keep your business organized so that time is not wasted retrieving or replacing items.


Is your business about to scrap old equipment? We may have a solution to refurbish it.

Our standard rate per hour is $150 and a minimum purchase of 8 hours is required. Additional fees may apply.